NSMA Winners 2022

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NSMA Winners 2022

The public has spoken, and you have chosen your winners. With over 20 winners across 20 different categories this year the National Social Media Awards was the most diverse.

Comedian of the Year Sponsored by Bow Tie Me

Dapper Laughs picks up his first ever award Comedian of the Year 2022

Influential Musician Sponsored by JAYD Official

Lika Osipova wins Influential Musician Photo rights to @crispianblaizephotography

Best Fashion Influencer Sponsored by Naurah USA

Naomi Kisted picks up Best Fashion Influencer 2022

Beauty Influencer Sponsored by Made by Gabrielle

Melissa Jade picks up Beauty Influencer of the year 2022

Upcoming Actor Sponsored by Ceccacci

Jamie picks up Upcoming Actor 2022 Photo rights to @crispianblaizephotography

Best Travel Influencer Sponsored by

Leyla Moaser picks up Travel Influencer 2022

Upcoming Social Media Influencer Sponsored by KV

Melly Myers picks up Upcoming Social Media Influencer. Photo Right @crispianblaizephotography

Upcoming Actress Sponsored by Ceccacci

Leah Natanya picks up Upcoming Actress of the Year 2022 Photo rights @crispianblaizephotography

Content Creator of the Year Sponsored by Blackguard

Woody and Kleiny pick up Content Creator of the year. Photo rights to @crispianblaizephotography

Inspirational Influencer Sponsored by Rosa Faizzad

Mesha wins Inspirational Influencer of the Year with his remarkable background.

Best Instagrammer of the year Sponsored by Royal Way

Emily Fernandes (Left) wins Instagrammer of the year. Photo rights @crispianblaizephotography

Social Media Couple of the Year Sponsored by Kallie USA

Alex and Kleiny win Social Media Couple of the year. Photo rights to @crispianblaizephotography

Supporting Mental Health Sponsored by the NSMA

Sintillate Talent Supporting Mental Health across Social Media. Photo rights @crispianblaizephotography

Best PR Agency Sponsored by Sofe Store

WINNER: Black Bear PR 

Best Fitness and Wellbeing Sponsored by Pure Blue

WINNER: Jay Trainz

Best Talent Agency Sponsored by Sole Woodcraft

WINNER: PWR Management

Best Talent Agency Sponsored by Sole Woodcraft

WINNER: Amel Rachedi

Best Eco Influencer Sponsored by The Hidden Sea

WINNER: Luci Rose Donlan

Best Youtube Influencer Sponsored by Memoire 360

WINNER: Jack Edwards

LGBQT+ Influencer of the year Sponsored by Bow Tie Me

WINNER: Toni the doll

Best Influencer Marketing

WINNER: Sintillate Talent with Smear September. 

Charity Campaign of the year Sponsored by the NSMA

WINNER: Pink Ribbon Foundation

Best Presenter using Social Media Sponsored by Opatra

WINNER: Harrison Gunn

Best Tiktoker of the year Sponsored by That Way Fashion

WINNER: Eden Harvy 

Best Home and lifestyle Sponsored by Sole Woodcraft

WINNER: No Place Like Home Interior