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Refunds and Returns Policy

On occasions we understand that refunds or returns are the only options and therefore we want to list out under what circumstances we will offer refunds: 

Eventbrite and/or Ticket Refunds

We only offer refunds on tickets up to 24 hours before the event. If you request a refund on a ticket on the day of the NSMA or after it will be declined no matter the reason. Any tickets that are refund requested up to 24 hours before the event will be considered providing there is cause for refund. On the most part refunds will be accepted before the event.

We encourage anyone purchasing a ticket to buy through Eventbrite.  

Sponsorship Refunds 

Refunds will ONLY be permitted if it is down to something the NSMA itself has done. Refunds will not typically be permitted if a sponsor has changed their mind of participation. Each refund request will be handled on an individual basis as we know it’s  not a one size fits all. Due to the nature of the NSMA refunds will only be given in full within 48hours or the original payment. This also includes any deposits. 

Covid Refunds

A full refund will be given as an option to a client if one of the following happens: 

  1. A client has tested positive for COVID. (A PCR test with QR code and clinic contact details will be required).
  2. The awards is postponed more than 6 months into the future of the original date set. (However, clients will be notified in advance).
  3. The awards is cancelled altogether. 
  4. Clients that are not able to attend last minute due to local government restrictions within their territory will not be given a full refund but will be allowed to partake in another awards show at a later date to their convenience free of charge. Or have a partial refund on activities that they were not able to take advantage of IE tickets. 

We appreciate that each case is different and we will discuss individually at the time of an issue to find a resolution that fits the interest of the NSMA and client.